My Rage

April 24, 2012
By AidanCurwick BRONZE, Kingman, Arizona
AidanCurwick BRONZE, Kingman, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
I am me

You are the inspiration for my hatred,
My Pain,
You come to me asking, begging for forgiveness.
How dare you!
You come to me,
as the scent of alcohol and,
Narcotics sugar coat you,
wretched breath,
Making your lies, so much,
more painful.
You have beaten me,
and Bruised me,
You make me wish for nothing more,
than a quick painless end.
But I will not break,
Instead I will burn you,
I will burn you like the heat of the cold winters flame.
And I,
I will leave you to wade through the ocean of shattered
glass known as your mistake.
You will die there with the words I hate you
echoing in your ears.
I hate you....
I hate you.....
I. Hate...You....

The author's comments:
Originaly the person in this poem got away scott-free. I did not find that fitting because It was nothing but a lie to myself.

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