Be yourself

April 23, 2012
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We bandage every little detail, just to cover up the wounds, but what we don't know is
we're not alone. We can't help feeling let down or insecure. I've been there before millions of times, to let you dare cross my mind!!, but before you speak, I know what you're saying and before you speak i'll be contemplating. And for those moments out of reach, Well i'll be waiting for someone to want my heart and doesn't mind it breaking cause he knows how to stitch it back up and he'll know when I'm not giving enough. So let me say this , just for you to know I AM BEAUTIFUL AND I AM STRONG. i am my own and that's where i BELONG!!!

I am my own worst enemy. I am my own worst friend. I am what other may not know, I am not who I am. You see.. people now a days feel like they have to play a certain part just to get in the play, but that kind of stuff just gets boring in a way. I may not have the most charm, i may not have the best face, but i love who i am and no one can take that away. We live in a society where life can get pretty crazy at times , and We live in a society where life revolves around perfection. We live just to live for ourselves. This world may seem to out of reach some may say. And this world may sometimes leave us feeling astray. But that's where we come to find ourselves, and that where we come to graps with the fact that YES "I WAS BORN THIS WAY. "-Lady Gaga and i'm going to let it shine. and that's where you come in and say "YOU CAN'T TAKE WHAT'S MINE"

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