Love struck hormonal werewolf

April 23, 2012
So all of you know Little red
ugh little red
that sweet little girl red?
What did she say bout me?
Me the big
old wolf.
Of course she said all of those things bout me.
But what did she tell you bout her?
Did she tell you the reason she strayed off the path?
Did she just give you a bogus story on picking pink petunias?
Well come sit and let me tell you the true story.
Little Red,
who wasn't so little, by the way
went off to give cookies to grandma.
Wrong answer!
She really went off to go make out with
her boyfriend
Then she strayed off the path
to go pick flowers.
I came loping by and saw her!
And I warned her that her
was walking down the path to find her.
That's when she made up
her little story.
Then she ran to grandmas house!
And I'll admit
I did eat grandma!
But only because she was
chastising little red!
I have a secret.
I loved Little Red.
I'm not a real wolf you see.
I'm a werewolf
She never acknowledged me!
But I loved her!
So I ate grandma.
Then little red
started hitting and screaming.
So I guess I thought
that if She'd never let me be close to her
I might as well eat her!
So yes
some of the story is true.
But not all
And I'm not all bad.
I'm just a love struck hormonal

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