The Ebony

April 26, 2012
By aerokay BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
aerokay BRONZE, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Suffocating in silence,
the longing sensation
to hear the mere whisper
of a stagnant reverberation.

Engulfed in ebony
and choking in fear,
the beast lurking within
the shadow approaches near.

For deep within the ebony,
I see the creature's eyes
as crimson as glowing embers,
and narrowed in despise.

Stalking its inculpable prey,
the demon smells fear,
so wretched, so weak,
the perplexity, so mere.

Billows of ebony rise
and the flames flicker and flash about,
the beast lurks closer yet,
there is no way out.

In a plethora of emotion,
I feel its icy breath,
its powerful claws clamp
like the icy grip of death.

Trepidation dripping from my brow,
but do I dare turn around
just to be faced with the sound
of the demon's low, grumbling growl?

Heavy breathing behind me,
its eyes seer a hole through my back,
the bile within begins to rise
because I know it prepares its attack.

"Please-" I implore,
I can barely utter a sound
as I choke on my own breath,
too frightened to turn around.

I feel its fingernails scratching
behind my neck and ear,
but I dare not turn to glance,
I dare not, I dare not for fear.

I dare not stagger away.
I dare not implore anymore.
I linger in the ubiquitous ebony
now and forevermore.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece while in the hospital for alcoholism. This poem is about how everybody has their own personal demons, and if they try to hide or ignore those demons, it will evenutally come back to haunt them and it will drive them insane. The actual demon in this piece is metaphorical of those personal demons. As the demon torments the narrator in this poem, it was true for me, as well as many other people who can relate.

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