Breaded Oprah

April 26, 2012
By Anonymous

We are all in chains,
But the truth will set us free
So though it causes pain,
The truth we make believe
We think we've cut our links,
But they are still intact
And in reality
Our wrists are torn and hacked

We make ourselves kingdoms
And religions and wars
All for the freedom
From eternal horrors

The intellectuals say
There is no solid truth;
We can live each day
With no fear of reproof
But if this all is true,
Then it is surely false
For "there cannot be truth"
It is a paradox

Creating false answers
In order to be free
Is like jumping off a banister
To awake from a dream
When, truth be told,
You've already awaken
And your freedom, your life
Will quickly be taken

The author's comments:
You either Winfrey or lose in bondage.

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