Dear Nature

April 25, 2012
your woods are where I go to forget pain
where if I run fast enough I will be able to fly
Where I can visit anytime and my problems will go away

Sunsets prove goodbyes can be beautiful
Sunrises are the glimpses of hope that you see at the end of the tunnel
Your wind is what comforts me, whispering to me things will get better

I can’t sleep without your moon and stars looking down on me showing my dreams where to go
When the rain falls down on me, it gives me strength
Snow reminds me that there is magic
Lightening shows how fast everything can disappear

Trees give me air to breathe and inspire me to be more
Rolling in the spring grass reminds me it’s okay to have fun
Watching the ocean shows me it’s okay to forgive
The lakes and rivers prove that one day there will be peace

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