Gone Fishin'

April 25, 2012
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The glare of sun on the glass lake
Shining on the water,
A resemblance of heaven,
I wonder what lies beyond those sparkles,
The pole holder is a skyscraper
Planted among the sand and rocks along the bank
As I cast the stench of troubles away
Far away as possible
I slowly watch the invisible line
Fade into the water,
I gaze at two skies of clouds
Consumed by a higher power
And the silence makes me smile
Alone, but welcomed, alone
I feel happy to be
Sitting as royal as a king on
My three legged seat
Alone with the wind chilling my neck
And listening to the tiny waves crash
I hear whispers of my troubles, your troubles
From over the hill
Deep breath in, and out
Returning to the scene of the lake where
I patiently wait for my pole to react
But for this short while
I’m just happy to be.

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