Can You Hear Me?

April 26, 2012
By Pimpalicious_92 BRONZE, West Richland, Washington
Pimpalicious_92 BRONZE, West Richland, Washington
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Hello, Hello? Can anybody hear me,
Awoken to a nightmare,
My tired eyes denied soothing dream.
Scream so loud I feel my ears bleed,
Tumbling down, down,
I fear what will wake when I reach shallowed sleep.
Help me, I am begging, Won't just one person offer me a hand?
Have I fallen so far in ebony depths I am forever stuck in Hell's sand?
Reaching for another faint light,
As its' flicker begins to increase,
What I was sure would be my guide Has left me a victim for the Beast.
Where Am I, I can't see,
It's damn cold here in my forgotten sea.
Hello, HELLO????
My voice raspy from my ever constant plea.
Alone again, Alone I am!
Have I found my purpose at last,
Once I meant to be a meaning But that me fades with my past.
Stumbling over unseen trips, I fail to catch myself this time.
As I crash through my created cell I wish to change my darkened life.
But lights are dim and burning out,
One by one extinguishing I shout,
Just one more cry just one more try,
I beg for the answer to the question WHY???
And my stars are silent as their lights die,
My cue to lay down once more,
To shut my lifeless eyes

The author's comments:
It's dedicated to everybody who has come and gone in my life, especially the ones who promised they would never leave me stranded and ended up doing so.

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