April 25, 2012
Looking glass
shattered dreams
did you know there are people staring
Down on the floor
surrounded by silk
blood is staining your dress
but you don’t care
do you?
Dying dreams
rabbits the color of snow
tick tock goes the watch
you’re late, you’re late
for what you don’t know
Mushrooms that make you grow
mushrooms that make you shrink
the doors to small
the keys to big
you’re crying
and flooding the world
with your tears
There’s a hatter
he’s mad
or maybe he’s a rabbit
you can’t remember
only the terror coursing through you
run, run
the tea is burning
you wanted to run away from home
but this isn't quite what you had in mind
is it darlin'
in your little blue dress
with your pretty golden curls

you're not ready for this world
you're not ready to take a risk
you wanted to run away to paradise
not to this wonderland
to this world of crazy risks

you wanted the perfect world
well sorry darling but perfect doesn't exist
so run back home
run back to mommy dearie
run run run
as fast as you can
you can't catch me
I'm the gingerbread man

you're just not unique enough
for wonderland
you're not ready
for wonderland
come back in a few years
when you've decided what you really want
perfection or a wonderland
contentment or risks

run darling
run on home to mommy
there's a cat on the sidelines
grinning at you widely
run on home to mommy

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