The Worst

April 25, 2012
It’s like Moving forward
Then going back
It is like confessing all your worries
And being thrown off track
Like being told you're not good enough
Then being proven right
It is like thanking your best friend
And it creating a fight
It’s like having a smile
Then it turning to tears
Like you're facing your biggest challenge
And it is meeting all the fears
It’s like finally letting go
And being lost along the way
It is like working hard on a project
And it being ruined on the following day
It’s like falling madly in love
But it not being the same
It is like being proud of yourself
When all you are is a shame
It’s like nothing else
You could ever see
And just explaining it
Would be a catastrophe
It is the most beautiful thing I have ever done
And yet, It is not the slightest bit fun
It is the worst thing I could do
It is that I am madly in love with you.

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