The Memory Of Love

April 25, 2012
By Cortney.Lynn GOLD, Hughesville, Pennsylvania
Cortney.Lynn GOLD, Hughesville, Pennsylvania
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Through the dark forest searching for the one I truly love
Mud splashing up on my bare legs
Feet lost in the high tangled grass
Feeling lost
Not for I don’t know where I’m headed
But for that I may never find you in my long trail ahead of me
But my heart will search until the day it dies
The sun disappears behind the trees and the stars start to pop out
The forest is nothing but a dark hole that I’ve fallen in
I sit down on the cold wet flooring
Tears start storming from my eyes
The night grows colder
The water dripping from my eyes turn to ice stuck onto my checks
I hear a crack in the distance
Guess it’s just a creature
Slowly my eyelids start to slide down
Then something pulls me from the ground
I try to scream but nothing comes out
I keep my eyes closed
Scared to see what has happened to me.
I wake
Light shining into my tired eyes
There’s green walls all around me
I get up from the bed and walk to the huge enchanted window
I see flowers for miles and miles
The sun brightens the world
The water sparkles and frogs sun bath on lily pads
There’s a knock on the huge wooden door of the room
A man walks in
Golden brown hair, tall and handsome
A prince?
“Where am I? Who are you?”
“You are in your castle. A few days ago you lost your memory and ran off. I was lucky to have stumbled upon you laying on the ground last night, curled up like a lost puppy.”
It hits me like a stab in the heart
He’s my true love
He’s the one that I promised I wouldn’t stop looking for until the day I die
“I haven’t lost my memory, you’re my love.”
“Princess, I wish I was your love but I am nothing but your servant. I have a bath ready for you to think like you did before.”
I slip into the unfamiliar bath
The water warms my body and the dirty disappears
“A princess….”
I dress myself in a huge ball gown that makes me look like a stranger
I walk downstairs and there’s breakfast sitting on the table for me
My stomach grumbles and I eat it down thankfully
“Excuse me princess, but there’s a ball tonight that you must get prepared for.”
As I walk down the huge golden stairs with everyone’s eyes on me oooing and ahhing and my beautiful dress
But it isn’t the dream I would have wished for as a little girl
My eyes glance across the room and no one looks like the one for my heart to love
He’s the one
I walk to the gorgeous man with golden brown hair
We dance
Everyone stares
“I don’t care that I may be a princess and you’re my servant…that means nothing
I love you and I would give up being a princess for you, if I can’t be with you just
Because you aren’t a prince then I’ll give it up, my heart found my true love and I’m
Not giving that up.”
He pauses
Scared he doesn’t love me too
Could I have made a huge mistake?
“Your memory, it’s gone. You don’t know what your thinking.”
A tear sneaks from my eye
“I know I want you.”
He leans towards me
Looks me in the eyes
His lips brush mine with a kiss
Hearts start falling from above us and mini fireworks shoot from around us
That’s why I lost my memory
I fell in love
With someone I’m not suppose to be with
But I came to my senses
Glad I did

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