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April 25, 2012
By StephenS GOLD, Ball Ground, Georgia
StephenS GOLD, Ball Ground, Georgia
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"'If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight.' Sun Tzu said that. And I'd say he knows a little bit more about fighting than you do, pal, because he invented it. Then he perfected it so that no living man could best him in the ring of honour. Then he used his fight money to buy two of every animal on earth. And then he herded them onto a boat. And then he beat the crap out of every single one. And from that day forward any time a bunch of animals are together in one place it's called a zoo!

. . . unless it's a farm!" ~ Soldier (TF2)

Sitting in the rear of the classroom
Reclining in my chair
From math homework to syllables
My thoughts wander everywhere

Holy crap, it's like Inception
I'm thinking of my thoughts
And even now in lines of chorus
Expressing them for nought

Pointlessly I continue onward
With writing most verbose
Whilst pointlessly you continue onward
Considering my prose

A third verse now is written
A third verse now you read
A third verse now is ended

A bridge is what this be

Sitting in the rear of the classroom
Reclining in my chair
From symmetry to poetry
My thoughts wander everywhere

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on Apr. 27 2012 at 4:42 pm
silentpeacock BRONZE, Whitney, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
all it takes is all youve got

haha.... I am soo familiar with tuning out people and letting my thoughts wander in class

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