Real Love?

April 22, 2012
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In the movies and the books – in the stories with their
Hooks and their climaxes and antagonists and words –
Real love means
Letting go, real
Love means
Being able to believe that people are a
Boomerang, that
If you let them fly away all
They'll do is come back stronger;
In the movies and the books, in the
Beautiful, heart-wrenching stories that
Will make you laugh and cry and think and lie
Still – in those things, real
Believing; real
Being certain, real love is
Conviction, real love is
Faith, real love is
No doubt, no questions asked, no
Questions needing answers.
Then I guess – I guess I
Don't feel that; I
Am uncertain, I
Have questions that scream
Scream for your answers, I
Never been as unsure as I am now;
Then I guess
I guess this isn't love, not
What I thought it was – no,
What the movies say it is, not
What I'm told that I should feel, but
Right – for now, at least,
Is right, right now
This is simply what I feel.

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