Who Is He Now?

April 22, 2012
By rain.21 BRONZE, Pancakes, Texas
rain.21 BRONZE, Pancakes, Texas
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Who I fell in love with--

he doesn't exist
Just a mirage
An illusion
A memory
Of who he used to be
Thats all I have
Pictures and remember whens
No longer him
He is someone else
Is he even real?
If I tried to touch him--

would my hand go right through?
If I tried to hold his hand--

like I used to--
Would my fingers fall through the air?
Who is he now?
I'd hate to know
Because I liked who he was
Look at him now
He's so different--
Why is he different?
I'd love to know
Because I liked who he was

What he did--

What he said--

What he loved--

What he hated--
Can't I know?
Who is he now?

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