Cupid Wrote A Book About Us

April 17, 2012
By lotusflowerdancing BRONZE, BORDENTOWN, New Jersey
lotusflowerdancing BRONZE, BORDENTOWN, New Jersey
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Cupid wrote a book about us
He gave us one copy
And told us to share
I pushed it away because I was scared
You held my hand and told me “lets read together”
So we sat real close and began this endeavor
The title was our name in bright red ink
And a subtitle that read “not easy as you think”
And so the story began
We were both quite enthused
You read the first chapter aloud
And I read chapter two
We both enjoyed it so much so we stayed up all night
Took turns turning the page until dark was light
About what seemed half way through, you fell asleep
And so I put the book down and began to dream
Of what would happen to us in the next part
And how you and I are a work of art
You woke me back up so eager to read
My heart gave me a kick that Id never seen
For months it seemed we both read the story
At one point we thought it would never get boring
Until one day we read and the words disappeared
It was replaced with brail , which grinded your gears
I had to read it aloud to you so you understood
That love was blind so you had to feel it though
At first you were excited at the turn it took
But since you couldn’t read too you felt no need to still look
So I’d stayed up alone and told you the parts you missed
You half way listened then went about your business
At the sad parts you were no longer there to hold my hand
Tear drops sunk through whole chapters until you began to demand
That I put the book down cause you don’t like me upset
I did for a while but I was so addicted
I said I’ll teach you how to read it
You said you weren’t ready yet
So I wait endlessly until you’re ready to begin once again…
Cupid wrote a book about us
He gave us one copy
And told us to share
You pushed it away because you were scared
I took your hand and brushed your fingers across the words
You said you weren’t ready to read love
The words I wish I heard
I sit here book in hand waiting for the day
When you come back to reading what cupid had to say
I refuse to read another book until you finish this with me
I and somehow I wish happy ever after is in our reality

The author's comments:
This is about someone special to me. I hope we begin reading again.

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