Time to Dance

April 17, 2012
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ONE shot for the glory, the job, the part. it only takes a second to captivate the audience, but the rest of the routine to keep them. performing means completely committing yourself. everything, TWO arms and legs, one mind, and one heart. It doesn't matter whether it's a solo and you are alone, a duet, or a trio. THREE must dance as one. one family free from individuals. all must become one ensemble and move together. one step backwards and FOUR steps forward. all plié-ing on FIVE and leaping on SIX. together till the end of the run. time flies quickly throughout the periods of workshops, rehearsals, and shows. Years become months which become weeks. then all the time you have left with your family is a week. SEVEN days. So cherish every EIGHT count you're given on stage because on day  it will be nothing but a memory which lives in the past. 

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