Save me, Serendipity

April 17, 2012
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I’ve lost my rhythm
Somewhere back in the future
Someone turned my happiness off
And broke me down, like an algorithm
I’ve found my sorrow
Somewhere inside the outside
Someone switched my melancholy on
And I can’t seem to remember tomorrow
Believe me
I’ve tried
And it’s be a million years
Since I last cried
Wind walked by me yesterday
I followed it to the edge
We both jumped off at the same time
I landed on thorns, it landed on the ledge
I’ve left my head
Somewhere behind the front desk
Someone clicked my dreams off
And my hope took a leap of faith and my soul strayed
Sweet serendipity,
Come save me
Dear I beg you
Come to me please
Silent serendipity
Please pity me
I am a lost cloud in the middle of paper airplanes
Save me, serendipity

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