A Risk You Were Willing to Take

April 17, 2012
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What were you thinking?
Well, obviously you weren’t.

But still,
It makes me wonder.

Did you know what was at stake?

It wasn’t just your life,
But also the lives of those around you.

With the decision to drink,
And get behind the wheel,
Of your little red Ford,
You not only almost killed me,
But my father too.

He wasn’t driving,
But I was.

I was young,
And inexperienced.

You crashed into me,
Before I could grasp what was happening.

I thought in that moment,
That this was it.

That I wasn’t going to make it.

What you did was selfish,
And it was childish.

You knew the risks,
But you didn’t care

Now you pay the price,
For something that,
Could have been avoided.

I hope that the heavy fine,
And a license suspension,
Will suffice,
As an adequate punishment.

If only you had thought about it,
Or even second guessed yourself.

Made that last minute decision,
To tell yourself no,
Or call for a ride.

You should’ve, could’ve, didn’t.

I hope that you have learned,
And that you have grown and changed.

And I pray it won’t happen again.

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