who are you?

April 17, 2012
By britters BRONZE, Sulphur, Louisiana
britters BRONZE, Sulphur, Louisiana
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who are you? don't you just wanna run and hide? the one who has no hope. why do you keep your thoughts bottled inside? why are you afraid? why are you so scared? you worry too much. you shouldn't care. don't you wish you were someone else? your always messing up. you never seem to forgive yourself because, being strong is too tough. this is like a dream, although everything is real. you lost yourself, you need time to heal. "hey you, who are you?" i look in the mirror and ask myself that same question everyday. where do you go when your faith is broken? how can you sleep with your eyes wide open? you try to speak, but the words wont come out. you try to ignore them, but they fill your head with doubts. who are you? you walk around like you don't know a thing. you can't speak your mind ,because you don't know what your thinking. "hey you, don't you wish you could change?" the truth is, i tried. how can i when everyone knows my name? what if you could start over? a whole new world, a whole new place, everyone was different , but still had the same face.

The author's comments:
i wrote this for myself. i have social anxiety. the only way i get my thoughts out is when i write. some of it may not make sense, but it does to me.

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