April 10, 2012
By MadisonSade24 BRONZE, Sayreville, New Jersey
MadisonSade24 BRONZE, Sayreville, New Jersey
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She was 16, a kid with a kid
Learning a little more each day, the consequences of what she did
Knowing the out come yet still said don't pull out, c*m.
Baby's father bailed out now she fell pray to statistic, you know the 1 in 4 bit.
Yet she could sit back and say this concept is so unrealistic but think again babygirl
This is now your reality
And running now would be a statistic fatality.

She looked into her creations eyes and tears streamed from hers.
She now realized things could never be as they were
She needed to step up and create a live she never lived, never got.
The consequences of that little one night stand, she never forgot.

The author's comments:
Seeing an episode of teen mom sparked this one, enjoy. Feedback is amazing :)

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