April 10, 2012
By KitKatDomination SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
KitKatDomination SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Checking the mirror for flaws in their face
Which i hope someday to soak with mace
Fixing the smallest fly-away hair
While at my own i just tear
I shriek at nothing and gnash my teeth
Reassuring myself beauty is only skin-deep
They may radiate on the outside with no fat and perfect jeans
But i look away and tell myself underneath there is only mean
I feel so ugly when i look in the mirror
I fight myself to keep from bashing in the mirrors
I know it's wrong that i feel this way
But for those who may scold i have nothing to say
I have bad self-image and i cant help these feelings
In a fight with myself while my head is still reeling
They mock me and laugh in their groups
while the noise in my head turns my brain to soup
It whispers: "Be like them,be perfect, be cool!"
But i bow my head and feel like a fool
I wish i could see an image of me and not care
Because deep inside i know the beauty is there
But for now the occasional smile i sneak
Telling myself beauty is only skin-deep

The author's comments:
We all have been here.

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