It's All You

April 10, 2012
How many times must I get here before you realize I can't take it?
How many more days do I have to smile and fake it?
How many more scars before you see what it's done to me?
How many more tears before you notice what I've come to be?
How many empty words can I say to you until you realize it's all a game?
How many more years will I have to conceal my pain?
How many more times will you act like it's not there?
How many instances will you act like you don't care?
How many times will I lie to your face?
How many times will I be a disgrace?
How many words will go unsaid?
How many thoughts will be spinning in my head?
How many times can I take it and not break?
How many people will see me as fake?
How many lies will cover the truth?
How many?
To make you realize, it'

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