Don't forget

April 10, 2012
By JackieMena1 DIAMOND, Bellflower, California
JackieMena1 DIAMOND, Bellflower, California
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As we depart our ways
and the shadows fall
don't forget my face
don't forget me at all
As we sit down one last chance
don't forget the times we had
our love may descend
don't forget to come back here again
My friend you have been a pleasure to have
but i may keep these memories intact
so as i've said this before i will say it again
Time is of the essence my friend
use it wisely
for you may just get what you came to see
so bare with me, bare the troubles
but soon you will be free
soon you will feel new again
and there will be more to gain

so rest your heart on these bed of flowers
lay here softly, reminisce on those joyful times
for there is more to come along this path to success

so don't forget me and don't forget you
and don't gorget what you've been through
because that will only make you stronger

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