The Girl and Her Wishes

April 10, 2012
By coloneljasso789 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
coloneljasso789 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
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My eyes are big,
My skin is uneven,
My arms are toned,
And so are my legs,
My thighs are big.
I wish I had green eyes,
I wish my skin was golden tan,
I like my toned arms,
And I like my toned legs,
My eyes are big.
I love Japan,
I speak Spanish,
I listen to J-Rock and J-Pop,
I listen to any type of rock,
My hands are big.
I wish to speak more German,
I wish to learn Japanese,
I wish to learn ninjutsu,
I wish to be “pretty”,
My insecurity is big.
My name is Cynthia,
I love myself,
I love everyone else,
I love music,
I love nature,
But my wishes stay with me.

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