Who Am I?

April 10, 2012
By , Shoreline, WA
I am silent,
I am strong,
I wonder why people pull the red string of fate,
I hear behind me ripples of water slowly treading closer,
I see a black spider,
Holding inside my one fate,
I want to heal my pain and suffering,
I need my vengeance,
Before I become demolished,
I am silent,
I am strong.

I pretend to pity,
All those troubled people who come,
Each time becoming more and more fatigued,
With these poorly fated,
I feel their presence,
Of both hatred,
And sadness,
Emanating from inside their true souls,

I say to these people,
‘Oh pitiful soul,
Lost in the darkness,
Bringing torment,
And pain to others,
Oh damned soul,
Wallowing in your sin,
Perhaps it is time to die.’

I slowly dream about getting out of this ferry of hell,
I try to do my job well,
As I suffer through each day,
Slowly and surely overwhelming me,
I try to escape,
From this dark hole trapping me,

The ferry of hell,
Does not welcome much,
But I am one who,
Has been welcomed,
Here to the ferry of hell,
With a loving and warm embrace.

I hope he understands,
That one hell raiser,
What pain and sorrow he has,
Caused for such an ill-fated me,
I hope he feels,
The sorrow I felt through those days,
I hope he gets,
What has come to him,
And I hope to my grave,
That one-day,
He will understand,

Why I am so,
Silent and strong.

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