Let it take You

April 19, 2012
Let it take You

You are a fireball of Passion packed inside this shell of skin

Let hang open your gaping chasm of a mouth

To let spill your words of ambition

Your words are Hope for the Despairing

Power for the Feeble

Change for the Static

Let it take You

The explosives packed tight within your vocal chords

Are closely fused to the spark of your vexation

Release the spark

Let it take You

Let the Anger shred your humble exterior

Tearing your image from limb to limb

It will light your heart afire

It will rip the Political Gag from your once silent lips

Shape it

Mold it

Use it for your own crusades of frenzy and ire

Let it take You

It will pluck you from your over-trodden rut

And fling you down The Road of Fire

The Road of Rage

The Road of Freedom

Let it take You


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