Hurt Deep Within'.

April 19, 2012
I am just writing freely from my head, words that are unheared. I Wish I could share them confidently like a bird. I Was born into this herd, which started to fall apart. Some Demons started attacking my heart. I Cried every night but you never heard me, maybe because you were to busy trying to desert me. Everyday at school the kids would pick on me, even passing licks on me. i found the courage to block out everything, but every time i thought about something i was going back to my past. Wishing my thoughts never would last. I had my heart broken over a million times. maybe you can feel my pain in this million letter rhyme. I try my hardest to be happy i swear but sometimes i feel like life is choking me like some bear. Im scared of love it has beaten me so many times. i think it will keep beating me until i die. but i will keep fighting and try to make it. so this smile, forever, i will fake it. Praying only that I make it.

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