April 19, 2012
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Mommy I’m hurt
the five year old is
screaming out in pain.
You see no blood but
the tears in her eyes
tell you something’s wrong.

Mom listen to me.
The ten year old
is looking in your
eyes pleading for you
to hear her cries.

Mom I’m broken.
The sixteen year old
is yelling at you about
how life is unfair. You
don’t know what to say.

I’m sorry mom.
The last thing you
read from the note
of your child. She
say’s it’s not your fault
but how can you believe it?

You let her down
every time she needed you.
She needed your help
but you were to busy
to listen.

So now instead of
seeing her off to college,
You saw her hanging
in her closet. Unable to
breath. Unable to feel.

And now as you
cry you wonder
what could’ve been

And now you whisper....
If only I had listened.

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