Ring The Bells

April 19, 2012
I'd walk you by
Draw myself nigh
And you'd look directly into my eyes
A transparent gleam of individuality
Sets me in motion
To where I cannot breathe
Or realize what's happening to me.

A concave island of lyrical amusement
I'm surrounded by friends of my own
And they take me by the arm
And lead me offstage
Point out in the distance
Show me what to believe
Then take my hand
For lack of prompt to understand
That hearts are fragile things
I always wondered why my shirt kept bleeding
Why I couldn't keep breathing
They point to my chest and draw back my being.

In hushed tones they whisper
But words were incoherent
I convinced you this was the reckoning
A time to beg
Or a time to plead
But I wanted more
I just wanted to BE
(Alive in my spirit where hate ravaged me)
You told me to keep going
Made me swear I'd let you help
Heft the stone between both our shoulders
And then forgive and just forget
I was unaware I couldn't do that yet
I experienced whiplash
By flash of recognition
A pulse of thunder
And I'm released

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