The Terminal Velocity of a Raindrop

April 19, 2012
I can relate to storm clouds, you know.
Holding it all in, until the air pressure is just right.
A small trickle, then a huge, uncontrollable downpour.

Everyone I know is somewhere hiding under an awning.
They are parked in the furthest row, and nobody brought an umbrella.
They all either run as fast as they can,
Frantically hitting the unlock button and covering their hair,
Or they sit back under the cover and wait for it to stop.

And when it seems like there is absolutely no way the rain will stop,
When it feels like this storm will just keep getting worse and
I’ll never, ever pull myself together,

The raindrops reach their terminal velocity.
There is no more.
I am empty, deflated, exhausted.
The rain now only fills divots in the pavement.
Everyone sloshed out to their car,
Purposefully stomping in the puddles.

I just hope everyone wore their galoshes.

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