The Dream World

April 21, 2012
By princessabeauty BRONZE, Somerset, Massachusetts
princessabeauty BRONZE, Somerset, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Everything has a meaning, you just have to dig deep into it to find it."

Don’t you ever feel like running away?
Bolting through the trees of the forest
Feeling the wind tickle the roots of your hair
Squinting your eyes from the sweet sun

Escaping into the same golden door
Leading you into a world where
Everyone can finally understand you
Understand why you do and say things

People who can always feel your cries
Even when you don’t say a word
You wouldn't have to give them a clue
They would already sense things are wrong

People who can easily identify your problems
Who are always there to find the solution
No matter how difficult they may be
They would always be there for you

Until one night you open your eyes
And you see your bedroom ceiling above you
You lay there, sigh and whisper to yourself
“It was only just a dream.”

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