A Poppy of Hope

April 21, 2012
The Day of Remembrance coming again
I closed my eyes and I see
a field of poppies bright red
I open my eyes and I see
in front of shops and stores
Those same red velvet poppies
tucked into a white and neat box
volunteers in navy blue
spreading gifts of love and gratitude

I lived for visits to Grandpa’s house
cookies, tea, and comfortable snuggles
in a chair, couch, or on the rug,
cherishing the warm joy of his house
the fireplace glowing as gold
as the autumn leaves blowing outside
The old man rocking in a rocking chair
Displays his poppies collected each year
telling the tales and adventures
of his life, the significance of the poppies

My Grandpa is an angel on Earth
He is compassionate, benevolent, and kind,
His generosity never runs out of gifts for us
He is patient and never nags
His praises soars me to confidence
But most importantly of all,
My Grandpa is a brave man
who inspires me each and every day

He fought in World War II
He believed in peace and tranquility
but he knew what was happening
out there was wrong too, and so,
journey began to the battlefield of hope
he had to dig the courage deep inside
to fight fear against the possible bombs
the inevitable attacks that could be
The courage paid off in glory
The war won and peace accomplished

There’s cemeteries and stones of honor
Speeches, songs, and fields of poppies
Each poppy is small but as a whole,
they make a vibrant red field of beauty
Just like how a soldier is just a man,
but many soldiers creates victory
My Grandpa is one of those poppies

He takes out his velvet collection
This poppy represents passion
That poppy represents courage
One poppy he gave to me
A poppy of hope and future
an inspiration from my Grandpa,
combined with affection and pride,
to live life just like Grandpa had

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