The Reaper

April 21, 2012
By Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
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The ye ole story I tell is one that has horrored reality far to long

This tale I tell is not one that will make you yawn

Or to tell to your children before dawn

Has I recall, the night cold and dark

The wind still and the darkness ever quiet

The moonlight dim, barely able to see it's rim

I laid in my bed at repose

I had just began to doze

Then there was a "tap tap"

I look through my window

My body jolted back in terror

It's red eye glaring at me

I looked upon it once more

Oh, it's only a raven

It reminds me of a poem by Poe

I climb back upon my bed

The raven still holding it's glare

It has such a cold hearted stare

I turn away and rest my head

I began to drift asleep off to my own realm

Yet little I knew, I had so much more to dread

"TAP TAP" had awoken me from my slumber

I began to fully awake

When I did I can barely describe what I saw

The wind now roared with anger and sorrow

The air now chilling to the bone

The light now blood-red and the trees outside dark has shadows

"What be this?! What be this!?" I yelled to the wind

My body trembled with terror and fear

Then it was silent, had the wind stopped? NO I could not hear

The raven sat at my window

"TAP TAP" it did on my window

It's eyes so cold and still

My bedroom door creaked open

Sunndly my bones felt has if they were stone

When I saw what laid in my doorway, I wish nothing more then to atone

Had my mind yielded to madness?

Have I lost all of my sanity?

From what depth of my mind come this?

There stood a seven foot cloak

It's face pure darkness

It's hands pure bone and holding a scythe

"The Reaper." My mouth motioned

I was froze, my eyes unable to blink

It began inching towards me

The raven "TAP TAP" on the window

It began to crack

My body trembled in that which is beyond fear

Hath this raven brought this upon me?

Had it's taps upon my window been mockery?

Is the raven the true face of death?

The reaper inches from me now

Raise his scythe ready to behead me

I could not move nor think, I could do nothing but die

"TAP TAP BRSSSH" The window had broken

The scythe's blade falling towards me

I awaited my fate, for death's blissful kiss

The raven flew in between me and the window

The Reaper stopped his scythe and stared at the bird

Standing on it's tiny legs looking at the reaper with its cold eyes

The Reaper turned away, walking towards the door

The revan looked back at me with its cold glare

I was stunned lost within my confusion

Hath this bird try to warn me instead of mock me?

Was the revan's face not the face of death?

Was this bird my savior?

I fainted from my weariness

This is my tale I tell

Now sitting here in the pub

Till this day I am the only man to see the reaper and live........

Hello there, I'm sorry to inform you

But the man telling this story is now dead

After he left the pub he encountered the reaper once again

You see ravens are tricky things

If you see one with the reaper you shouldn't tell

For now, I the Master of ravens is the only one to see the reaper and live

I'll see you soon......

The author's comments:
This is a narrative based upon Poe's poem "The raven"

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