April 21, 2012
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Heart cracked
Mind amuck
Now he must contract
Crawl into his pathetic shell
In which he burns in the fires of hell
Join in on the masquerade
Self indulged and self betrayed
This mask is not new
But he thought that as he grew
The mask would change
Its intricate shape would rearrange
But still it is a suppressor
Of silence it is a professor
As the shock waves arrive
The mask is revived
Once resurrected it thrives
Silence spawns avoidance
Which causes the voidance
Of all the warmth he has left
A terrible theft
That which his experiences take
That which he cannot make
Instead he manufactures quiet
And eats a stable diet
Of put downs and disappointment
He rubs them on as an ointment
The pungent scent of sorrow
Waiting for tomorrow
When all the troubles fly away
But he sits alone today
With lips shut as tight as doors
All surroundings he ignores
In this once again he is vain
For others should not see his pain
Better to set it aside
Pent up inside
Let it thrash his remaining vanity
His pain morphs into insanity
Rage contagious as an illness
Yet his impassive face epitomizes stillness
He lashes himself again and again
Stupidity is his faithful friend
Auxiliary advices thrown down the drain
For all that he does is self arraign
Thoughts such as these run through his mind
Never once can he be kind
This is the ultimate violence
And it all occurs in silence

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