A Story Told By Candle Light

April 21, 2012
By Anonymous

A spark, a flame
A pair of hearts beating as one
Hand in hand as they dream lucidly of their future together
The voice of war encroaches from out of the shadows
Suddenly they are forced into a goodbye
He reluctantly unknots their entwined fingers
Resting his forehead against hers, cupping her cheek in his hand
She gazes into his dark eyes as hers tear up

She is left in a daze, a sort of silent chaos
Standing, dumbfounded, in an empty crowd
She grasps onto the hope he instilled, the warm whisper he left on her lips

A glob of hot wax stings her hand
The candle’s light radiates, causing long shadows to flicker across the palely lit walls
A queer lullaby resounds as she leans over to kiss her baby
The peace and quiet is quickly destroyed

Soldiers huddle together; looking up with dropped jaws and wide, restless eyes
Hearing the screeches, feeling the eruptions ripping them apart
Muddled masses of uniforms matted with blood
Not knowing where dead bodies end, live bodies begin

She holds what may be the key to their future
Smiling timidly, cautiously
Hoping for the best, unprepared for the worst
But one heart has stopped
An instant transforms into an eternity, taking a toll on her

Sad eyes now watch the child
Peeking at his reflection, caressing the cold glass
She sees hope in the child
She sees him in the child

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by Kseniya Simonova's sandart.

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