Not Always A Perfect Fantasy

April 21, 2012
By Cortney.Lynn GOLD, Hughesville, Pennsylvania
Cortney.Lynn GOLD, Hughesville, Pennsylvania
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In the perfect fantasy we would be in love
Living in a huge castle with beautiful pink and white flowers growing around us
And fireworks bursting over top of our heads when we kissed
You’d be the magical prince that was always there to save the day with his beast slaying sword and great handsome horse
Me, the princess, in the long flowing gown dancing around my legs in the wind with bright sparkling jewelry dangling from my neck
The world shocks us
The sky starts swirling with darkness and the beautiful flowers start to crumble into a pile of dust
The earth begins crying upon us
Allowing the mystery in my heart to come dripping out
You leap on your grand horse and rush away into the dying forest searching for the wicked beast you must destroy for casting such a spell upon us
I lay there in the swallowed up grass
You return without a beast to be found and without a princess to be waiting
I’m venturing through the dark forest, looking for something but not sure what
Two giant trees dissolve before my eyes and behind a glistening cave
Lightening strikes and the forest burst into flames
I ran toward the cave, stumbling over my own thoughts
I fall onto the cold hard floor of the cave scared and crying for my prince
Lightening chasing me, trying to reach inside my new home
I pick myself up and slowing start traveling deep into the cave
I see something
Something big, shining through the dark cave
I sneak my way around the corner to discover what it is
The walls are wet with a glittery liquid sliding its way to the pond of golden water
In the center, a humongous rock with a majestic red heart on top
The heart sending sparks out of the hole in the roof of the cave
I dare to step into the deep golden water with my dress being trailed behind, I make my way to the glistening heart
There’s a crack, right down the middle
I see my reflection in the shining heart and realize why I was brought here
I pick up the heart and go rushing back to my castle
I sneak inside and up to my bedroom and find my prince
“I’m not a princess and you are not my prince. We were once perfect for each other…but sometimes, there’s not a happily ever after.”
I kissed him on the check and said goodbye
The heart held in my hands started to shake and rise up into the air, its crack healed itself and the sky started to clear
It danced into my chest, were it belonged
I noticed that there was no beast who casted a horrible spell upon us and made the world die
It was myself, I did it
With my broken heart

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