I lost everything

April 19, 2012
By AngelHeart654 SILVER, Grand Island, Nebraska
AngelHeart654 SILVER, Grand Island, Nebraska
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"The perfect person is the last one in the tree"

Lights flashing, wind blowing, the sky is dark, My heart pounding,
Adrenaline kicking in, The lights go out, sirens are blaring, I look outside, I can't see a thing not even my hand in front of me.
The sound of a freight train hits... I start shaking, I close my eyes and scream at the top of my lungs "STOP"! . It starts to get quiet. I open my eyes the freight train is gone.
I stand up, my knees like jelly, my mind is spinning. I walk out out of the basement stairs to the back door scared to open the door I gasp the barn, the animals, my truck, my Home, Gone all gone.
Tears start running down my face like raindrops.
I look up to the sprinkling sky and say.
" Lord, I'm lost"

The author's comments:
the day i was in my first tornado, I was home alone and scared to death..... Well leave your comments!

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