April 23, 2012
By Bekah Storm BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Bekah Storm BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Back when I was young;
Out your mom you sprung.

You were grey and white,
And shone with delight.

You had been one sold,
But not one for gold.

Went to family
Who loves the lily.

We came to visit;
You were exquisite.

Something went a wreck;
We went “What the heck?”

Fight is all you did;
Trying to make rid.

All you did was hate,
Your most defined trait.

Your owner grew sick,
And me he did pick.

I had to protect;
We did not connect.

You we tried to catch;
All you did was scratch.

You came in a crate,
Had to relocate

You were overweight;
You did frustrate.

You went to visit,
But my mom you bit.

All you were was mean
Even when not seen.

Your teeth you did bare;
All kids you did scare.

Mice you had not seen
For you were not keen.

Your owner did die,
And two years went by.

We soon got along;
I thought you were strong.

I made a mistake,
This made my heart ache.

You became so lean
And not so very mean.

You became very sick;
You were my sidekick.

I had to decide,
And grew teary-eyed.

I knew it was right
To show you the light.

We scheduled the date
Of your final fate.

I put my love in,
Building your coffin.

We had one last day;
With you I did stay.

I was by your side
Acting as your guide.

Your last moment came,
And I was to blame.

You went in a crate
And then came home late.

All decisions made;
A coffin you stayed.

We buried you deep
And we made a heap.

You are one I love
But are now above.

Named Mischievous,
You are grievous.

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