April 23, 2012
By Cokzian BRONZE, Sparks, Nevada
Cokzian BRONZE, Sparks, Nevada
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Favorite Quote:
Can We Pretend I'm Amazing?
I Can Pretend I'm Amazing
Instead of What We Both Know

Dreams of waterfalls and far beaches
Parks with oranges and trees full of peaches

Don't wake me up this world isn't what it used to be
Leave me in my land of love and beauty

Runaway with me, we can make our dreams real
Runaway with me, we'll have moments to steal

Forget about people and drama they aren't worth it
Leave the guys and all the stupid bulls***

Plan your runaway and I'll get the get away car.
My plan involves there being no lights just stars

Runaway with me, I'm not like the other guys
Runaway with me, I have no lies

Just fed up with life and what its shown
Come with me I don't want to do this alone

Feel the mist of the water fall, hear the worlds sweet call

Drop your issues in the sand,
I'll run on the beach only if u hold my hand

Don't worry I'll take you away some day
Every time your going to cry remember what I say

You deserve better and you'll get it, trust me
All it takes is a guy to care, you must see

Life is beautiful you just need the right person and place
You got me now all we need is the view that will bring a smile to your face

Come on we'll go to half moon bay and go flower picking
Come with me, where we stay in the moment and the clocks stop ticking

We'll sit on a rock at burney falls, and enjoy the view
We'll sit by a camp fire and just talk the night through

Keep your hopes and keep them tight
Because soon I'll steal you in the night

So stay close so you're never too distant to take
Because the world won't give us a break

We have to break the world and expectations to go
To the paradise, the place where we don't have to know

Grab your stuff, we will be leaving soon
The only thing ahead of us is a new sun and moon

So smile because I'm going to take you away in the blink of an eye
It makes me sad and mad to hear you complain and to see you cry

Because I wouldn't dare make a girl cry, especially you
You have such an urge to see beauty when you're pretty too

So be excited for the future, your the only girl
That I'd share being at peace with the world

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A Friend needed help

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