For the Future

April 10, 2012
I was raised by trees,
And stretching,
and spring green.

Camping in the backyard,
staring up at the
night sky
filled with stars that represent our cherished dreams.

I was raised by all kinds of music,
Sometimes sweet and moving,
sometimes boisterous and compelling.

The songs preach of war and peace,
Love, joy, and humor;
tragedy, terror, and depression.

I was raised by broken dreams,
enduring laughter, and steady smiles.

I was raised by books, all of their words affecting me,
shaping me, changing
my ideas of who I am, and opening my eyes.

I was raised by an abundance of food at endless
family get-togethers, gatherings, events, and holidays.

The people I love, always gathered around the food because
We eat to live.

I was raised by the sustained humor and comforting companionship of friends,

By bikes, learning to always push myself to exhaustion, hearing
“never give up”, and
“always do your best.”

I was raised by chores, and taking pride in what you do.

I was raised by the South,
hot and lazy,
with the most spectacular thunder storms you’ve ever seen,
and the pouring buckets of rain.

Red dirt, jazz, fried food, horse racing, humid beaches.
Strangers don’t exist there,
the people are friendly, inviting, and ever smiling.

I was raised by Disney movies that taught me to see the good in the world,
and that true love stories really do exist.

I was raised by the ocean, its familiar breathing,
in and out,
with calming rhythm,
and intoxicating fragrance.

I was raised by my family,
Always amusing,
and forgiving.

I was raised by my church, a steadfast, benevolent people
who could never seem to do enough for us.
They taught me the value of service,
and caring for the people around you.

I was raised by my neighbors, the Morgans,
whom I’m pretty sure my family has known forever.

By homemade ice cream, cool and delicious,

And boys, with tackle football
in the middle of the street
under the scorching summer sun.

I was raised by Snoopy.

I was raised by mistakes, and revenge, and anguish,
I was raised by migraines and apologies.

I was raised by endurance.

I was raised by war, and
I was raised by angels,
Who granted me miracles when I plead for mercy.

And I was taught that history can be horrible, but

Forget it.

I was raised to be a spirit of worth, who knows it.

I was raised to be someone who
listens rather than speaks,
and compromises rather than fights.

I was raised to be strong, independent,
And to work earnestly
for a purpose I sanction with my whole soul;

To stand up for who I am,
And what I believe in.

I was raised to give hope to the future.

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