Raindrops on my Window

April 22, 2012
By HarleyQuinn16 PLATINUM, Dacatur, Illinois
HarleyQuinn16 PLATINUM, Dacatur, Illinois
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"A poet judges not as a judge judges, but as the sun falls around a helpless thing." -Walt Whitman

I often wonder, as many do, what it is like to be a rain drop...
Always raining on on someones parade
Falling to the ground with no parachute
Oh, the feeling of risk
No one can possibly tell me what to do or where to land
how could they?
how dare they?
I could do as i please without being contradicted...
The life of a raindrop must be so simple some might think...Until they realize that the raindrop must get rather lonely and bored just being recycled and reused...like a worn out coat..always there providing such as it does but never really noticed or respected..
Poor little raindrop

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