You Are Gone

April 22, 2012
Thoughts hurt because the only thing I can think about is how you left.
You left like the earth opened up and swallowed you whole.
The earth closed and it hit me.
Like how they say in all of those worn out story’s
but more then can ever describe.
It was mostly memories that came back to me.
Now that memories are all that's left of you.
I've come to realize that no one else will ever see your face again.
Its gone.
Your eyes that always glow.
They are gone.
That rusted old bike you would always ride.
No one will ever ride that bike again.
The trails you made with the bike in dirt and sand
will wear away into the earth and be forgotten.
That will never happen with me.
I will keep remembering,
because when someones gone,
memories are all you have left.

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