Right to move

April 17, 2012
By Anonymous

Shouldn’t We Be Able To Leave?
Wouldn’t you think?
That you’d be able to leave?
Wouldn’t you say,
You could move away?
If you feel unsafe,
Why should you stay?
Some people have no way,
To determine what they would pay,
To be able to go to another place
Why is it that people are not allowed to move away from the place where they feel unsafe? It is not fair. There are many people that would have better lives, if only they were allowed to have the freedom to move. We need to find ways to help them.

Asylum Seekers
Where can we go to be safe?
Where can we be out of harm’s way?
We need the right to move,
Instead of being trapped,
In such a right forsaken place,
It is a simple freedom,
To be able to be,
What can I say?
About being forced to stay,
If people are not able to go away?

There are people in many countries around the world that cannot move. All humans have that right from the time they are born, but we have to make sure that people can protect it. If we do not, how will we be able to protect other rights that are just as important?

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