Last Moment

April 17, 2012
Strapped in a gurney
Ending was his journey
Soon the injection would start
Easily stopping his heart

Before the execution began
The warden asked the man
“Do you have any last words?”
Staring ahead, the man went onwards.

“I never killed
Or chilled or grilled
A living soul at all
So do not stall

“Let me free
For I have not hurt thee.”
He continued to stare
At the family there

The family of the dead glared behind the windows
And still held their sorrows
And began to pray
That the man would pay

Yet the man about to die
Knew he did not kill the guy
He was blamed,
He was framed.

The warden looked at the man,
And then began his master plan.
He ordered his team
To inject the liquid.

Soon the man felt the pain
Of the poison to slain.
He knew he was right
In the midst of this fright.

As he felt his final minute,
He knew he’d soon be mute.
Yet he knew he was sinless
And soon became lifeless.

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