A Wandering Thought

April 17, 2012
I had a vision born of today's morn
Where we didn't argue
Where we understood one another
Where I established that my return to the other
Was a consequence not of my failing but of my strength to build a bridge
Where all we needed to do was talk
Where talking didn't happen through a monitor
But face to face
And we sorted out everything,
And found that there was no need for sorting at all
Where I found that all I suffered at your hands was a crisis of Jung - of looking for an ideal place when there existed none...
Where I found it was not my seclusion alone that pushed me to come back, but you.
Once I chose your name among others for paramount disposition...
And though my previous words indicate otherwise,
I find I remain invariable in how I had felt before and now
Because I asked you to change unknowingly and in doing so wrecked what little I deemed precious...
I gave even the devil a second chance and yet remained with nothing for the reason that,
I had hoped for a turn for the better instead of facing reality…
It is why I find myself stagnant,
Mired in the irony they term the journey of Life...
I feel naïve at the thought of my trust…
And yet I am proved wrong by the world,
A Pandora's Box, hopefully outweighed by hope and trust;
Don’t we all hope to shun conflict?
To turn away from violence?
And so no matter what,
I hope to build yet another bridge.

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lovepoet said...
May 6, 2012 at 10:48 am
hey, this ones good! i like the conflict in it and somehow find it relatable... :)
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