child slave/soilder

April 17, 2012
By huckabee24 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
huckabee24 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Oh little boy, high in a tree
Waving your gun in the air
What game are you playing?
Hiding in the dirt, running from the rain
Who sent you here, why?
You’re not a child any more
How much did they sell your humanity for?
They made you kill, fight.
Like a shadow in the world
You were forgotten
Now you slave, working all day
Just dust on the floor, your family is no more
Now you are here to fight and die
When you should be in your tree
Running from the people that still torment you
They used to be in your head
Now there on your flesh
Moments away from death
Oh how you should be home
Hiding in your tree

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