She smiled Good Bye

April 17, 2012
By Trevor Bell BRONZE, Ashland, Ohio
Trevor Bell BRONZE, Ashland, Ohio
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She’s going away,
I asked her to stay,
But she just smiled good bye.

I thought she loved me,
I thought I could see the truth,
In her eyes I can see she deceived me.

The pain is too much to watch her leave me,
Right now I wish she could see me.

I hold back the tears,
Try not to cry,
My life is in shambles,
She turned and smiled good bye.

I don’t know if I will see her again,
But until then I will wait,
All she did was smile good bye.

I just say she’s not the one,
Then again that’s just a lie,
She just smiled good bye.

Each time I look in her eyes I die,
Inside the monster hides,
The memory of her is deep inside.

I hold my head up,
Look at the sky,
She just smiled good bye.

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