Watching LRA

April 21, 2012
Lord Jesus Christ is my God
But whether you worship Buddha, Mohammad, or no God at all
You still have skin to cover the veins full of blood that is pumped by a heart
That beats with not only life but should
Should beat with love
But how can you say you love your child
Aged two
Who brought you so much joy when he was born
When the same fathers of the same children
Aged two
Grieve daily for their sons and daughters
And you watch
And do nothing

Resistance is the key to muscle toning
So I guess you’re exercising your eyes
When you turn you head and refuse to see the children
Who were invisible
But given color
Deep crimson on their ebony skin
As black as the hell night they live in
Even when the sun rises
Because they live zero sunny days
And zero star-filled nights
These children are not invisible
You just choose to be blind
You choose to be deaf
And say you don’t hear
Their cries of pain
Their cries of anger
Their cries of war

Army green is a color in the fashion world
They live in a world where army green is jungle green
Men who are boys and hold a fire in their hands
Taking their parents to meet the Potters
Dressing their friends like the man from Notre Dame
Women who are girls and let themselves be Hope
Holding an unwanted joy in their arms
Letting others eat the cherries they harvest
Brainwashed and living with no other way for countless years
And only twelve years old

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