For You

April 21, 2012
By Anonymous

For you, Steven, I want there to be a heaven.
despite my misgivings about faith and the holy trinity,
I don’t want you to be in nonexistent in the dark
Because you're not in the dark
Because you're not anywhere
I want warmth for you
For you
There should be more than nothing
You went too soon
You deserved so much more
You deserve heaven
I won't make it into heaven
I know for sure
But I don't think I deserve hell
I'm not the nicest
But not the cruelest
I am the inbetween
And disliked
And hated
No one hated you
We know that now
And I hope
That somewhere out there
You know too.
I don't know whether I want there to be somewhere afterwards for me
But for you,
I want heaven.

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