Unfocused eyes

April 21, 2012
By Vinney BRONZE, Lakewood, Washington
Vinney BRONZE, Lakewood, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Weather it be a rock or a grain of sand in water they both sink"

In the beginning I was blind
My eyes could never see
What was in front of me
Only focused on what I couldnt have
My mind knowing I never would
Thrown about in an ocean of thought
Left to hold myself dearly
Lest I be completely lost
A hand gliding through the broken surface
Ripples turned to tidal waves
As I'm pulled free from the depths
Sun touched hair so captivating
Reflecting radiant beauty
As my first obstacle
Toward a truth I could only imagine
With sun bleached hair in sight
This is my chance and my time
To find love as I never knew it

The author's comments:
I enrolled at Columbia Basin Job corps hoping to better my life. About two to three months into it I just wanted to end it. Why I stayed I will never know, but I'm glad I did. Though I found myself stuck in a bout of great depression I tried to live as I could. Two or so months in I was introduced to a girl who's blond hair did nothing less but catch the sun. Her smile Legendre in its own way. She became the greatest friend I had and though I deeply cared for her I took no chance in telling her. I remained a friend. Time passes and I believe that things couldn't get better. Well shes getting ready to leave graduating from the program at nine months. So its about two or three weeks before she leaves. I spent my day in town and I'm waiting for the bus back to center. She ended up sitting with me on the bus which was fine. Until she told me she loved me. Joy filled and storm bound all at once I was scared. I loved her, Wanted her, but she was about to leave. I took the chance anyway and sad to say it ended up not going so well. We broke up and she left, but I still think about the fun we had. I learned a lesson from it all, but oddly enough I still love her just the same as I did at first. Maybe if I'm lucky I will get her again.

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